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Hi I'm Doug Teixeira, a software engineer and IT consultant based in New Jersey.

I'm looking for full-time work as a web developer.

I specialize in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Backbone.js, jQuery, SQL, HTML, and CSS.

I also offer Health IT consulting and SEO consulting services. Contact me to see how I can help you!

About Me

Douglas santorini

I started programming in high school and built my first computer at age 15. In 2013, I taught myself full stack web development with the help of I have since co-founded a Software Engineering & IT business, Ayos Informatics, LLC.

Besides technology, I have a passion for travel and culture, experimenting cooking tasty food in the kitchen, and sunday drives on my motorcycle. I love learning and exploring new things, be it trying a new programming language or discovering the culture in a new city, exploration is in my blood!


    ( Live | Source ) is the home of South Branch Family Practice: the family care practice of Julie Ann Juliano, MD. and Ruby Halper-Erkkila, MD. serving the Branchburg and greater New Jersey area.
  • Asteroids


    ( Live | Source ) Browser version of classic arcade game Asteroids, written in Javascript and packaged into a ruby gem for easy inclusion in rails projects.

    ( Live | Source ) Clark Travel Agency Inc is a travel agency located in Branchburg, NJ. The websites features business information, contact information for each agent, and the ability to control dynamic content: users, promotions, testimonials, and facebook integration.
  • Snake


    ( Live | Source ) Minimalist browser implentation of classic Snake arcade game. The game board is rendered by manipulating divs on the dom with jQuery. Uses jQuery and Underscore.js. JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS.
  • Prevent IT Health

    Prevent IT Health

    ( Live | Source ) A chronic care management health app for patients to manage chronic diseases. Reinforce care goals, set / customize alerts, and gather individual / population statistics with the ultimate goal of isolating high risk behavior preventively to increase overall quality care.

    ( Live | Source ) Home page for Insanity Plea Studios. Insanity Plea studios is an American video game developer located in New Jersey founded by Christopher Diviaio.

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